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Authentic Sunshine

I want to hold the sunshine.  I also want to be authentic.  My challenges are not light.  They move from inconvenient to frustrating.  They do not go away.  So to capture this year, I must be true to my experience. Perhaps I might inspire anyone working towards a cure.  We sure need a cure. Today the fatigue was a concrete blanket over my shoulders.  I wanted to hunker down and sleep a hundred years.  I got about three minutes before Ian roused from his nap.

Frustrating because the past couple of days were busy-fun, but nothing major.  Everything smooth and happy and stress-free.  Certainly not enough craziness to feel so stone-tired.  Luckily we took it easy around here.  No big plans.

Gio and I are watching Terminator, Salvation.  Enough thinking :)

Favorite Games

Happy New Year