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Happy 10 Birthday Anika

Happy 10 Birthday Anika

Time really goes that fast. Even faster.

I sat down to collect a few favorite photos yesterday. After all, this is a big birthday- the TEN birthday. Double digits, baby :). And TEN deserves contemplation.

Then I saw your cakes. One after another. And they told their own story.

Here you are. You mighty story, you :)

Contemplation comes later. Today is time to celebrate :)

A little update:

AnikaChild-23My ten year old :)

And my best birthday plan was these photos. I showed her the series in the evening and she cried. "They're happy tears, Mama," she said. "Look at me grow."

She has a private Instagram account that we use for family. She follows her cousins and we approve her followers. I have a public Instagram @lenkaland. I posted these photos, but not all at once. No, that would be simple. Instead, I posted the baby photo when we woke in the morning.

An hour later, I posted then she was 1. An hour after that, I posted and then she was 2. All the way, all day long, until now she is 10!

I had no idea that it would be so sentimental for her and me both. What a simple and fun birthday surprise!

What a magical journey. And we are just beginning :)

What a Fun Week

What a Fun Week

Random Updates

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