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What a Fun Week

What a Fun Week

Catching up with the past week is no small post :). We started with Anika's 10 birthday. Hurrah! And her collection of cake photos now includes this sweet one.

My cousin noticed that her cake gets smaller every year :). There's a good reason- this was just the first cake! And we knew that it would only be a family cake. More sweetness was coming soon!

The next day, I had traded my coteacher so I could go with Ian on his class field trip to an animal sanctuary. Ian was thrilled to have Mama with him all day. It was a treat for me too, even though it was a challenge keeping up with the little ones. Lots of walking.

Anyway, that wasn't my take-away. My take-away was moments like this:

He took his partnership very seriously. Buddy system rocks :).  These days will pass so quickly.

I found places to sit while they listened to the docent's stories. Of course Ian copied me. He listened attentively...

After the animals, they got to ride on a little train.

I taught the next day and got ready for a big weekend. My cousins visited to help Anika celebrate ten years!  Anika had sword-battles...

And piggy-back rides.

I can't believe that he can still carry her! She's grown! He's their hero-uncle (my cousin, Jasper :))

And a barbecue with more family. And more cake!

The next day, Sunday, was her friend party at the local Gym. She was so excited! Again :)

My cousin and her little boy visited. He loved the foam pit. I love the trust :)

Leap of faith :)

Then he climbed and jumped, climbed and jumped. And each time was a new challenge. He would give us a grumpy face just after the climb up onto the mat.

Then he jumped.

"Why don't you stop?" we said as he frowned after climbing. "Stay on the ground."

He would shrug. And jump again. The jump was worth the effort.

I understand the feeling* :)

*Even though I don't jump, anymore, of course!

And one more cake, the biggest of all...

What a celebration!

Wishing you a fun week!

Living with CMT, Day 14924

Living with CMT, Day 14924

Happy 10 Birthday Anika

Happy 10 Birthday Anika