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So just when I think that 'normal' is attainable and the schedule is more of a mental game than a physical challenge, I wake up. Crash.  Paycheck.  CMT hangover.

Why, oh, why do I forget like this?  Legs ache.  Nerves tingle.  Feet sulk.  I am sunk :)

Today should be a slower day.  Gymnastics for the boy.  Dress rehearsal for the girl.  Three loads of laundry to fold.  Piece of cake :)

Oh, and it's frosty-cold outside which does affect me.  Cold seeps into me even with the heater blasting, bringing fatigue and aches.  I feel old and I'm still young.  Yikes!

If I don't choose to slow down, the choice will be made for me.  One way or another.  I'm listening.  Slowing down.  See?

Forest Fairies!

Sinking and Swimming and Underwater Dancing