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Ouch.  There was the step, right there.  At 9:36pm walking Ian to bed for the fourth time.  I put my foot down and the pain curls up my leg, ready to stay awhile.  "Here I am, did you miss me?" No, not really.  Not at all.

Today was a better day.  The fog thinned into a mist.  The headache didn't find me until evening.  I took breaks between chores and crafts.  A good(ish) day :)

I even accomplished a lot.  My guest blog post went live at The National CMT Resource Center here.  I really was inspired :).  I hope it helps.  All we need is one person, one person who can make that emotional connection with people and blow the whole mystery of CMT into distant memory.  It will happen.  I believe.

And I took photos to post things in our Etsy shop.  My crafting-friend, Asia, and I have a great understanding.  She does most of the crafting and I do most of the technology.  So she made these goodies and I photographed and posted them.

Ian helped :)

He lay down right in front of the scene I was photographing.  You can see the directions behind him.  Is he wanting a little attention?

I think so!  How can I resist this smile?

And why would I?

We played and picked up sister, then the dinner, homework, bath, bedtime routines.

I'm even making progress on my fancy fairies for my cousin's wedding reception next week.  Shh . . .  It's a big project because she has a little boy Anika's age.  Then, she and her new hubby had a baby in March, so I have an entire family to craft.  I'm doing it fancy, too, wrapping the pipe-cleaners and embroidering the tunics and crocheting their hair.  Small amounts each day because my hands get mad.  Today my right hand was grumpy about the mouse-clicking.

So I better scoot.  I go to sleep optimistic tonight.  Hopefully I'll wake up feeling rested and ready for the day.  What a lovely idea :)

Oh, and the podcast for CMT will be recorded tomorrow, hopefully.  Teacher meeting this morning :)

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