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Pretty much what I expected today.  A long slow trudge through the day.  Dragged myself awake in the morning.  I did get a rest with Ian in the afternoon, which helped a little, a short nap.  I reached the place where I was too tired to even get frustrated or annoyed with being tired.  I know I'm wore-out when I don't even care :). Heading to bed early so tomorrow will be better.

This is when I feel redundant and petty, sharing tired. Tired. Tired day after day.  But that's what this month is about.  Being truthful.  Everyday.

I did get to start my fancy fairies that I am crafting for an event next week.  And I got the Moody Pumpkin template finished.  Asia typed it up and I did the layout.  Worked well.

And I read, which I love.  I finished the Hunger Games Trilogy.  Loved it.

Early to rest.  And Ian wants me to knit more of his orange sweater.  Oh, the laundry.  Forgot about that.  Almost to rest :)

Day 11

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