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A teaching day.  A farm day.  Driving to the farm, I felt every step of the day tighten ribbons around my legs.  I ached.  And walking the farm path was a stretch.  Between one step and the next, the muscle burn set in deep.  Strange how my muscles get tight and stiff when I've been walking a lot.  It's a new thing, this quick reaction to a busy day. I had the camera in the car for crafts that never got crafted (one of those school days where we practiced listening and teamwork while handwork plans were shelved for next week :)).  I brought the camera on the farm path.  Why not?


Why not indeed?  And that burn between one step and the next, the overstep, the finish line for the day . . . faded as I noticed the gorgeous growing all around us.  I do find it gets tricky to get photos I want when my hands aren't so steady, but I do all right :).

I'm still stiff, achy, and dreading tomorrow a bit (must admit).  But that's the struggle.  Because I do not want to give up the moments that surprise me.  Flowers I never knew bloomed.  These purple beauties.


It can be such a challenge, to balance the things we love with the rest we need.  I love teaching.  Which is why I go through this roller-coaster every week.  It's all part of the journey.  And I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

Which is a wonderful life lesson for all of us.  Enjoy the day.

Day 10

Day 8