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Go, Blog, Go

Go, Blog, Go

How quickly days become weeks. And weeks become months. I've been busy. And distracted. And dealing with CMT flares. I miss this space. I need a place to observe and record. To inspire myself. Maybe inspire others :)

So I'm back.

Rough edges, difficult days, sunshine and sparkles.


I get caught up in the meaningful posts. The stuff that matters. But my original plan was to create a living history. Showing life for my children when they are older. Sharing my journey with CMT. Being quietly present, not for the big moments, but the little things. They pass quickly.


And they are the moments that I want to remember.

So I commit. Again. To showing up :)


Life happens fast.

Time to slow down and notice. :)

I hope you get to hear (and see) more from me in the next days and weeks and months :)

Children's Festival 2014

Children's Festival 2014

DANK Opening Reception

DANK Opening Reception