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Anika said, "I am thankful for my cousins."  We had the best week.  It really was a weeklong celebration with Devin and Nicole and Alexandria and Coltrane in town.  Love visiting with my brother and family!  My niece and nephew are growing so big and awesome (of course!).  We started with a big fortieth wedding anniversary celebration for my parents in Calistoga, CA, at the hot springs where we used to spend Christmas as kids.

Wednesday night everyone came over her for a Guatemalan feast of chili rellenos, black beans, and rice.  We played Rock Band and the girls danced with the babies running between their feet.  Anika now wants to take a hip hop class :).  She went back to Grandma's for a sleepover with her cousin.

Then Thanksgiving at Grandma and Deda's.  Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, yum yum yum.  We drank good wine and toasted to family and good times.  A wonderful bright holiday for all!  I am so thankful for my world!

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