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41.4° I knew this month would be a challenge.  I had three teacher conferences out of four Mondays.  The other Monday was a holiday with fun travels.  What it means is that my usual down/recovery days are sparse.  And the pacing of chores is crammed into the remaining days.  My entire planning of rest and activity is skewed towards exhaustion.  Then Ian decides the best way to cope with teething is to wrestle every few hours all night long.

When I get physically wore-down, my emotions crash.  It takes so much energy to self-regulate, and when I have nothing left, I spiral out.  I need to structure down-time this week.  Serious downtime.

Because when I push this far, injuries follow.  Or melt-downs.  Or both.  Deep breathing.  Next Monday I won't have class.  The marathon will not last forever.  And what can I do in the meantime to make the next few days fun and positive?  What rewards for this busy month?  Thinking about treating myself may be lead to some sunshine.  :)

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Structured Teaching Model and Effective Learning Environments for Children on the Autism Spectrum