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A Sweet Surprise

I have a wonderful parent in my class this year. Her boy is fun and has an impish smile. She and I have wondered about school years ago. See, she graduated from my school back in the 1990s. And before I earned my teaching credential, I worked at our school as Yard Duty and Office Support.

We tried to guess if she was a student while I worked at the school.

She found the answer. Today she brought her eighth grade yearbook. And there was a photo of me with a long signature for her. I said that I looked forward to adventures in the future. Imagine that!

How sweet, for her to find and share that story. I almost cried, right there in front of my kindergarten and first grade students. Time collapsed and the years fell away and we stood back there in time looking at the world we've created with children of our own, a classroom and community. How far we've come!

It makes me excited for what will come in the years ahead. Back then, I couldn't have imagined the magic of today. My amazing kids. My school community. My books and photographs. My family. Life is good.

I am grateful that our stories have found each other again. What a gift :)

Wishing you happy surprises today! 20130222-231006.jpg

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Hopeful for Change

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