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Sick Much?

20130220-214032.jpgTiger is getting plenty of napping on me this past week. I don't get sick anymore. I get really sick. I cannot do a few days then start feeling better. Instead, I fight whatever caught me at first. Then it sinks into deeper symptoms. And I need to go to the doctor and get medicine and take more time to recover. I'm in the thick of it now. Yesterday I learned at the doctor that I have bronchitis and a sinus infection. I have medicine. I hope it works quickly.

I wasn't always like this. Before my big challenges at thirty-two, I fought illness just fine on my own. Not for years now. Unfortunately.

And I feel even more spacey and forgetful than usual. Lovely (not).

I'm getting to bed early. Just can't get enough rest these days :)

Hope I feel better in the morning, at least a little.

Wishing you a healthy day :)

A Sweet Surprise

A Sweet Surprise

Living with CMT, Day 14,833

Living with CMT, Day 14,833