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Fall break meant no school or work for me this week.  Late nights, late sleepy mornings, and a big slowing down.  Even thinking about going on a trip was exhausting, so we stayed home (except for our day-trip to the pumpkin farm).  I needed the time.  Recharging.  The sun shone those golden autumn afternoons.  My energy returned.  My ideas returned. Energy is worth more than gold.  Really.  I could have a million dollars in the bank (I wish!) and it would be useless if I couldn't rustle up the energy to enjoy the day.  So I don't take a single day for granted.  Or a creative project.  Especially since I fell into a creative hole in early October when the ideas turned dull.  No, this week, plans sparkled.

I sewed this skirt for Anika.  Sewing works well for me because the fine motor isn't too demanding.  I've made enough skirts to create my own patterns.  This time around, I took photos to try and remember the process (because I always forget and start each one from scratch :)).  I want to make a tutorial for Forest Fairy Crafts so I needed a photo of her wearing the skirt.  The skirt has a print with black branches and owls that have white eyes.

Ian insisted on being in the photo.  He said that he didn't have a grumpy face.  So we showed him the image on the back of the camera and he brought out his charming "cheese face."

So lucky to spend my time with them.  In that way, I have the gift of slowing down.  Especially now that we're broke.  We spend a lot of time at home.  Playing games.  Hanging out.  Being together.  Nice.

Because . . . Have I mentioned that she is growing waaay too fast?  She's a little lady!

Then we had to take the skirt for a spin, because the best skirts must twirl.  And twirl.


I wrote the tutorial for this skirt!  Click here. Enjoy!

Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin Farm