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Pumpkin Farm

I am the luckiest on earth.  I got to spend the day with these two kids:

We had a fun day.  Anika has Fall Break this week (no school!).  I figured a day trip would be my big adventure for the week.  So we drove an hour to Bishop's Pumpkin farm, which has way more than just pumpkins.  We started with a healthful lunch of pizza and nachos.  It's vacation!

My favorite part was her announcement, "This is the best lunch ever!"  I'll remind her when she starts asking for fancy restaurants :)

We climbed aboard a hay-strewn trailer to ride out to the pumpkin patch.  Pulled by a tractor, it was a great way to travel!

The search for the perfect pumpkins began . . .

Triumph!  A perfect pumpkin!  Thank goodness he liked a small one.  That dry vine was tough to get broken off that tiny pumpkin, though!

Anika's perfect pumpkin.

Very quickly, Ian's pumpkin became an awesome gun.

They both liked green-streaked pumpkins this year.

Ian stood up on the drive back, wind in his hair, facing the future.  I had him sit for the bumpy section, but it seemed so fun, I couldn't make him sit the whole way.

They also had these wild squash that we wanted to turn into octopus jack-o-lanterns.  But we're on a tight budget so we left that project to our imagination.

Lovely autumn sunshine.

Anika and Ian set up shop in the old-town Dead End Saloon.  They waited patiently for customers.

Ian's favorite activity was a rusted old tractor that he could climb and move the bars.  He was "shooting bad guys" of course.

The field of giant pumpkins.  We didn't even try to bring one of these big ones home.

When I wondered why I made this big effort, why I dealt with the heat and the noise and the hectic-ness of the day . . .

I stopped wondering.  I know why.

Our time together is our most precious gift.

After all, they grow so fast!

Luckily I still get to enjoy Ian's "CHEESE" face :)

And his pig impression.

We got to brush patient goats.

Then we found the hay-covered trampolines.  A strange entertainment to me, but the kids loved it!  We spent ages as they ran and tossed the straw in the air.

And made straw angels!

A beautiful sunset

And back home again:)

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