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Happy Halloween!

Yes, I know I'm late for Halloween wishes.  So pretend that I said this yesterday, or the day before :).  I am making peace with my limits (for now) and I really want to slow down the frenzy.  So I'm not posting every day (obviously).  Yet, I still want to share our little stories so my kids can read them all one day. Our Halloween was really a three day extravaganza.  I hope to post photos of all three events.  But I need to edit them first :)  Working on that . . .

For now, I do have one picture.

Our Halloween portrait :).  Anika and I were witches.  Ian was an orange ghost.  And Giovanni was a soccer hooligan.

I'm recovering from sewing his orange cape, her skirt (which she isn't wearing for this photo) and my own witch skirt.  I'm clearing up the debris left behind- scraps of fabric, etc.  It was all worth the effort, though.

Sleepy and I still have laundry to put away.  I'll be back again soon :)

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