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20120509-070714.jpgI have had AFOs for, gosh, years now. And while I completely embrace my limitations (mostly), I have never worn the AFOs with a skirt, shorts, or capris. I can't explain why exactly, but I bet many people will understand. I had a wall that needed breaking down.

I broke the wall on Monday. I wore one with a skirt. To school. On a teaching day. I thought it would last an hour or so before it got uncomfortable with my sore hip, but I ended up wearing it all day. I wear one AFO at a time these days because I feel like my gait gets affected a lot when I wear both of them. And I'm trying to find the balance with this whacked-hip and supporting my lower legs.

I expected a flurry of questions.

I guess I have done well sharing my CMT story after all, because... No big questions, concerned energy, or worry from families. In fact, it was quickly forgotten. I shared with kids at Gather Up that I wore it so my leg could be stronger. Their main concern was, "Does your leg hurt?". Once I said, no, they shrugged and moved on. One girl asked how I got it in my shoe. Another girl from a former year teaching was worried, but the minute I said it didn't hurt, she also shrugged and moved on.

The wall that I had built was bigger in my mind than in real life. These tools can integrate. They will not overshadow me.

Which is important as warm weather approaches and I can't wear jeans and sneakers everywhere. Now, if only I could find a good summer shoe that fits an AFO... There's a wall to conquer :)


More sunshine through blossom-heavy branches. Loving this beautiful spring!

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