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Welcome Spring

The first day of spring and I found this orchid.  The plant was a gift last spring that I never expected to see bloom again.  Still, I watered and cared for it just the same, because maybe . . .

And here on the first spring morning, a lovely surprise.  Welcome, spring!

Life sped up this past week.  Anika had school projects to paint.  So Ian must paint, too.  She is becoming an expert on the spotted hyena.

The sunshine inspired us to be outside.  Mom had brought seashells from her trip to Santa Cruz.  Ian was inspired to build his own pixie-homes.

It won't be much longer that he can wear the monkey pants :)

Anika and I made her zebra-skirt for her big first grade show.  Tomorrow, now.

They played with a dragon-castle.  They manned the turrets with bunny-knights and Jedis.  Doesn't get more fun that a dragon castle with bunnies and Jedis.

Time races on . . . and in the evening, we slow down.  For a moment.  Not long.  Long enough for a cuddle, a whispered love you, a memory.

Good memories.  I can forget Anika's fever and cough and ear infection.  Then Ian's cough and fever and ear infection.  Oh, and his molars have cut through his gums.  Poor baby.  Not much sleeping around here :)  Speaking of sleep . . . goodnight. :)

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