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46.6° I knew there was a good reason for making the effort to post today.  Day 13,777.  That's a celebration!  Cool number!

I celebrated the day taking Ian to the doctor for an ear infection.  Folded two loads of laundry.  Ran a dozen errands.  Made a zebra tail for Anika's first grade show on Wednesday.

I managed to download pictures on the computer, but couldn't get them up here for posting.  Ian is extra-sensitive.  Of course.  Oh, and his molars are finally growing.

An odd thing is my legs are unhappy with me and I don't feel like I did that much today (though if I think of the days one thing at a time, it does add up).  Lots of tingly numbness.  Ugh.

Enough for now.  Off to enjoy my reward for the day.  A raspberry turnover.  Yum.

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