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I wish I could say the past couple days have been easy. However... Not so much. I still struggle to keep myself positive and happy. Whether it's winter, my slow-healing ankle injury, or simple overwhelm, I don't know. I just want to fix it. And, since I don't have a magic potion, I make plans. Here is my three step plan to survive enjoy the holidays.20121210-234405.jpgI actually did the opposite of my 'do less' plan. I found that less, without inspiration, made me feel worse. See, creativity is my best medicine. When I am busy planning and sewing and designing, I don't have mental room for darkness. My plan to do what I love meant moving forward with a few crafty projects I had shelved. And, guess what? I feel so much better! What I choose to do matters, though. Chores don't give me the same 'lift' in mood. Surprise, surprise. :) So my next plan is where to focus my energy.20121210-234759.jpgI want this season to show my children that Mom can be relaxed and fun, too. Not high-strung and exhausted :). So I am putting plans on the shelf that are more about Fairy Crafts or school. I want to be here now, not rushing to cross things off of my list. After all, we are writing our family story together. All those other ideas about stories to write, people to email, photos to edit... All those things will not remember today. My family remembers. And I want to be here for them.

And last and best...20121210-235240.jpgI can embrace the challenges of the day with hostility and resentment, or with kindness and opportunity. What can I learn today? What kindness will make a world of difference? What will inspire me? And I hope to remember that downtime is not wasted-time. I need it. Now more than ever. I want to stay light and not get heavy with big expectations. Or fussy ideals. And light with lots of little colored lights. Lots of laughing. And if I can hold these truths, then I can believe in the magic of the season. I can believe that I will not repeat winters-past. I can enjoy these days which are so precious while the children are young.

Just last week, Anika asked the dreaded question- Mom, do parents put presents in stockings? The conversation deserves its own post. Perhaps soon. Perhaps later :)

After all, I was slammed by just how quick these holidays pass by. When we decorated the tree, Anika said, I love this, but it also makes me emotional. To see all the ornaments I made and how fast it goes...

My wise child. The holiday season isn't easy by a long shot, but it's getting a little easier. One choice at a time.

Wishing you holiday sparkles!

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