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Third Week of February

Yesterday we spent hours at Petco for the Rabbit Rally. Anika is part of the local 4H group, and they all brought rabbits to share with the public. Anika took her role as rabbit-mentor very seriously.


Pumpkin was very patient with all of the attention.

My mom also returned from her three week trip to Hawaii, so we slipped away from the Rabbit Rally for a little treat. And Ian decided that was a cosy place to nap



Still, he looks rather peaceful close-up.


Mom had great adventures in Hawaii. It got me thinking about climate and my recent medication headaches and how I would feel so much better without the cold winters. Part of me wanted to run away, but I couldn't work in any traditional jobs and my disability benefits are not very high. I even looked into housing :) subsidized for people with disabilities, but the screenshots didn't look like pleasant parts of town. Besides, I love my extended family way too much to run off to an island. Still, how much is good health worth?

An interesting idea :)

The rest of our week was fairly quiet since Ian got sick with a cough and fever. I spent two whole days on the couch binging on Xbox games with him. Poor baby. He's back to wild, loud, busy child now.


Spring arrived this week. Very strange since I call this the Winter that Wasn't. Only a few storms and snowflakes.

The blossoms don't care. They feel the warmth and they bloom. So I leave you with sunshine and color. That hopefully lasts through the week.


Mardi Gras

Close to Ian