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Sunday we went to the big Mardi Gras Parade in Nevada City.  We lucked out with parking.  We met with family to cheer for horse carriages, old cars, and lots and lots of beads.

We were woefully unprepared with costumes (oops) but my family had great masks to share.

Ian wasn't sure about the big crowds and loud noises.  He needed reassurance from sister.  This is fun, right?

Nevada City hosts the best small-town parades!  Behind the old fire truck is the Nevada Theater, one of the oldest theaters in the west.  I think Mark Twain once performed there.  Like me :).  I was a townsfolk in Romeo and Juliet my senior year of high school.  Lots of history :)

Like I said, my family brought great masks.  Next year I'll know better :)

Anika caught lots of beads.  She gave all of the red/orange beads to Ian.  Because that's the kind of sister she is :)

Ian's favorite colors are orange and red.  He was thrilled with his collection.

Grabbing for the camera, again :)

The scene street-side.  I'm not sure who she is, but I loved the sun on her hands.  She caught plenty :)

Lots of motorbikes.  Masked bikers.  These two made their statement with Anonymous masks.

Mila watched the parade from her dad's shoulders for awhile.  The sun and breeze caught her perfectly.  

The parade had plenty of drama.  Fire from a hot air balloon basket.  Not sure what their group was called.  Not sure it matters.  Fire is cool :)

And many protest floats, like this one from the local Occupy group.  Speaking for the 99%.

Nevada City was packed!  The weather was gorgeous!  Couldn't ask for a better parade.

A New Path with Dylslexia

A New Path with Dylslexia

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