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The Tween Narrative

The Tween Narrative


Tween at the seaside Three times this week I was inspired by the same idea. What if we can change the narrative of adolescence?

I heard similar questions in very different places. How would you describe your middle school years?

How do you want your child to describe their middle school years?

How do we create a new story?

Because we assume that the Tween Years are difficult and awkward. We assume that children are too-big yet still-young for great photos. Not blossomed yet not child-cute.

And yet, why?

Because within that big transitional changing of adolescence is remarkable beauty. Hints of transformation. One expression is pure childhood while the next is a glimpse into the teen and (ulp) adult selves. What a stunning time of life!

The first big inspiration for me was Audry Woulard's interview on This Week in Photo: Family podcast with Jenny. She opened my eyes to the assumptions we tell ourselves about what it means to be Tween. And I caught myself stumbling into the same assumptions. Then seeing the possibility in change!

I see the difference in my daughter when I take a photo that captures her inner beauty. "Look at you!" I'll say. And I can see her light up from within. Photography is a powerful tool of building self esteem. And I am determined that she won't have a gap in her story- photos of childhood becoming teen, missing these Tween years.

Artistic tween drawing with chalk in the late afternoon sunshine

My next inspiration was Back to School Night, then just watching my girl at school. Change is tough. But also beautiful. I am freshly committed to making these years just as treasured as the years that came before. And after.

Keep growing :)


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