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20121114-192907.jpgMonday was our exciting trip with an hour's drive to see the specialist about my ankle (now lower leg) struggles. I had big questions. Is it healing? Will I need surgery? What about the pain and the domino challenges like tight muscles and sensitive nerves? What do I do? How much longer? Some I knew he couldn't answer. How much longer? That's a mystery. That some people think I know the answer for because I get asked almost every day. How much longer?

I had the kids because there was no school. The doctor tested my limited flexibility which my ankle didn't like. Ouch. "Seems fine," he said.

The verdict was that I am not 'normal' which we both knew so we couldn't expect the 'normal' healing timeline. So I need to keep stretching and going to physical therapy. Nothing too alarming that he could see. Carry on carrying on :)

Good news, right?

Mostly. In between the "How are you?" and "Take care," were about three different surgery options. He could cut the bones around the toes which had a hard time lifting. Pull them up with a plate and some screws. Something about the heel and another plate and screws. That brought such a look of horror to Anika's face, I had to tell her that surgery recommendations are not new in my world. I had surgery recommended seven years ago. I figure out how to manage the pain instead. So I smiled and made her feel better and told him that I wasn't looking for major surgery at this time. "Of course," he said, "Everything is your choice. We can revisit options in time." Skipping those major plans, we could let the ankle take its time healing. And go to physical therapy. And wait.

I told Anika it was not a big deal.

And it isn't really. But I had a crash the next day. Those surgery ideas sank like heavy stones in my thoughts. It's all one thing in the abstract, but disturbing to hear it so real again. Ugh.

I've adjusted. Again. I have new medicines with anti-inflammatories that are helping. And the news is mostly good. I rested today. My friends sent me awesome zombie slippers. Thank you Amy! 20121114-195842.jpgMy feet feel better already. :) I better sign off since I teach tomorrow.

Thank you for letting me vent and sending the virtual support. I thought of all of you, and how many of us hear difficult news in doctor offices. Then we are cast off to figure it all out. In day to day life.

What's the quote? Smooth seas never made a skillful sailor.

Well, friends, we have mad skills :). Let's go sailing :).

Wishing you calm waters today all the same.20121114-202809.jpgsource

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