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Holiday Cards, Take One

Remember two days ago? My fun adventure? We took a family walk through the woods and brought Santa hats just in case we could catch photos for holiday cards. This confused Ian greatly, poor guy. "Santa's coming tonight? You mean it's present time? Yay!"

Not quite yet, but super-soon, little man. Way too soon.

Ian saw the axe in the car as we organized camera equipment. We started with, no, Ian, no axe in family photos (it's a fireman axe, but still...)

Then I changed my mind. Sure, Ian, bring the axe.

Because photos should capture our story. And this boy? He's all about protecting us from Bad-Guy-Monsters. In the interest of our story, the axe belongs :)

Then we realized the axe really does belong! We could be on a pretend tree-search!


Don't worry, the axe is foam and no trees were harmed in the making of these photos. I will post soon with more from our adventure. This is a quick post because I have fun news to share!

I am taking the leap and partnering up with cool companies to share products and supports my efforts here. It's a win-win-win for all of us. Hopefully you get great coupons and ideas, the companies find an audience, and I get a little help keeping Lenkaland thriving. I hope to pass along great coupon codes and goodies. By clicking through links, a percentage comes back to Lenkaland. The good stuff helps us all :)

Trust me, I will not be swamping posts with advertisements. I see the partnership as a cool opportunity for all of us. I will let the products speak for themselves :)

I found Tiny Prints last year when I wanted special, quality holiday cards. I returned this year and found they have even more lovely designs. I am happy to be working with them. I even have a Lenkaland Storefront! Use the code NOV10 to enjoy 10% off your Tiny Prints order in November. Excludes photo books, calendars and gift certificates. Expires 11/30.

I better get busy with my own cards :). I will let you know how they turn out. And I'd be happy to send one to you! The first five people who comment, I will add to my card list for the year. I will send an email your way for a street address. Because our stories need to be shared, and I love putting joy into an envelope :)

Wishing you a fun day!

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