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Surprises on Sunday

Snow!  Falling quick and quiet outside and sticking to the ground already.  The report (with video) is here.  I wonder if enough will fall to convince Anika to go play outside.  She complains of a stuffy nose this morning.  Not sure if she's trying to be like me or if she's really fighting the same cold. I got to sleep for a couple of hours yesterday smashed between my babies.  I woke up feeling a little better.  But still under the weather today.  Haha.

Maybe I really will get to play some Fable 2 today :)

The other surprise has to do with the new blind in our bedroom window.  I thought it would be mostly aesthetic, but it's really keeping out the cold drafts.  Ian is sleeping better.  And the room is darker.  Anika waits until later to rouse me.  Today, thanks to a couple of Horseland episodes that I slept through, we made it to 8:30 before climbing out of bed.  Hurrah!  That's a worthy investment right there.

Today I'm writing with Arthur and the Invisibles on TV.  Lovely graphics, weird mythology.  The window between worlds is only open for 36 hours before closing for 1000 days.  Entering the kingdom turns you into an animated wonder with thistle-down hair and leafy clothes.  African warriors stride out of the pastoral countryside.  My favorite, though, is the boy's English accent.  His parents are dirt poor yet he's been in boarding school in England most of his life.  Thus, the accent.  I suppose the actor (who I adore) was struggling to sound American so they kept his charming English accent and built the thin backstory.

Of course, Anika doesn't care about any of it.  Which gets me thinking about continuity and the ride of the story.  If the ride is thrilling enough, logic can go out the window.  True?

And in real life, Ian is becoming quite the scooting baby, spinning himself around and scootching to new places.  His world is growing!  He can sit up for a short while before getting distracted and falling over.

Onto more Sunday adventures!

Oh, and I sent off a query for Dirt last night.  Sparkle opportutnity through the world . . .

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