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Not Feeling Good

Ugh.  Went from little tickle in the throat to full on nastiness overnight.  I fell asleep last night in the middle of what must be one of the loudest movies ever made, the newest Mummy.  Managed to conk out between gunshots and explosions.  Today my muscles ache terribly and my nose is stuffy and throat sore.  Yuck.  So do I have permission to play Fable and watch TV all day? I wish.  Moms don't get days off :)

On the other side, we had a fabulous time at Chuck E. Cheese with Nicole, Fiona, and Gavin.  I have the cutest nieces and nephews in the world.  And having an adult, non-work related coversation was wonderful.

We also dropped by the mall for pictures.  Best and cutest kids live right here in my house with me.  I may be able to post some very small images later.  For now, trust me, they were adorable.

Ian's calling :)

Surprises on Sunday

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