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Sinking and Swimming and Underwater Dancing

Ever get that feeling where you can see the surface of the water above you?  And if you just kick a little harder, push a little stronger, you could bust through into the sunshine and take a long sweet breath of air?

Except no matter how hard you kick, the surface just gets farther away, and you sink down down down into whatever depths surround you.

Well, I am happily sinking.  All of the crazy is good-crazy.  And I probably won't get to the surface until after Christmas, but that's okay.

Anika is a mouse!

No, she hasn't grown ears and a tail . . . yet.  Her Nutcracker show had tech rehearsal today at the big theater where I once staged plays in high school.  She loves performing!

There are a lot of mice and soldiers.  It's a big show.  Superfun.  But Anika's energy is huge, and the rehearsals are late into the evening.  Which means Ian misses his Mama.  Tomorrow is dress so I should get some cute mouse photos.

And I am helping a friend with the local street fair on Wednesday.  I made a bunch of fairies (photos tomorrow) and I am organizing craft patterns to sell.  I hope to make a little extra to help with holiday expenses, but we have no idea if we'll sell anything.  A lot of preparing, though.  Everyone may get patterns for owl finger-puppets for Christmas :)

And Anika is missing school on Thursday (I am getting a sub- yikes, need to fill out that Independent Study paperwork) so she can perform the Nutcracker for local schools.  Need sub plans for that.

And Ian had a doctor appointment today that I clean forgot about in the midst of everything else.  The office was so nice (thank you thank you) and understanding, they squeezed us in the afternoon and didn't charge me a penalty.  Must check calendar every morning.  Must.

And I'm way behind on posting here, or editing photos.  Or cleaning the house.

But, good news.  The doctor called yesterday and said that I do not have an infection.  My troubles could be from an injury or who-knows-what, but no risk of really-bad-things.  The treatment earlier this month may be enough for my system to kick it to the curb, so I'm on the road to recovery, hurrah!  Still need to get my blood levels checked to make sure they are improving, too.

I need sleep.  Last night was way late with work-stuff.  Tonight with fairy-stuff.  And we have to get to school on time in the morning.

So, yes, I'm sinking.  I'm underwater, but it's a dance all the same.  A potentially beautiful dance with lots of good things.  Just.  Stay.  Grounded.  No injuries :)

How do I stay grounded underwater? :)


Happy Thanksgiving