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Saturday Morning

Rain today.  The leaves on our birch trees dance autumn colors!

Rain means inside play.  We construct forts with blankets, coffee table, and rocking chair.  After building and destroying and building the forts ten times, Ian cooks pizza :)

Anika is happy-cozy in her fort.

Ian is a fast pizza-cook.

Pizza delivery?

Why, yes, Ian delivers a piece or two or three!

Pizza and forts finished, time for reading books.

Anika is a generous, patient sister :)

Then all games must turn into . . . WRESTLE!

Wait, Pumpkin break!  Pat the bunny . . .

In another room, Ian discovers Choo Choo.  He builds this track all by himself.  Little boy growing fast :)

Thirty minutes on a Saturday morning.  Never a dull moment :)

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