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Bunny Afternoon

Storms are coming. We made sure Pumpkin got a good stretch outside. We have a doggie-playpen that's perfect for him. He gets to feel grass between his toes :)

Ian thought it was great fun to make faces at me from outside the fence.  I suppose that I was caged, too :)

Jumping bunny!  So fun to see him leap.  The kids loved it!  Anika is feeling better, thank goodness.  Perhaps it was something she ate on Wednesday.  Regardless, her sickness inspired me to get my flu shot today.  I'm not taking chances this winter.  I don't want to miss this.

Then little sprinkles of rain spattered down so we came inside and read books.  Anika has a wonderful teacher-energy, showing off the pictures.  This is a collection of Czech Folk Tales.  She's not reading all of these words, yet.  She 'reads' in a lovely lyrical voice.  She told a grand story about magic birds and a prince who would not listen to his girlfriend.

Ian read the firetruck book.

He read for a short time.  Then he would not be still for a second.  Not for a picture.  Busy boy :)

Saturday Morning

Drama Day