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Ready, Set, Wait . . .

Hollywood forgets the waiting in movies.  Whenever health stories are told, the focus is on appointments and results, never the lag time in between. So I found out last week about the cyst on my spleen.  Which has spun out my blood levels.  Lowered white blood cells.  Lowered immunities.  So I have a four week cold.  Coughing all night, stuffy all day, not-fun cold.  So I guessed, I figured, they may want to fix this mess quickly.

"No, it isn't marked urgent, so we can set up a consult for the middle of next week."

Okay, a consult.  I'm glad it isn't marked urgent, but still . . . another week and a half of sick?  I call my doctor saying I still have the cough, I've gone through half a bottle of codiene-cough syrup since I wake up 3am like clockwork for a second dose.  This is important, right?  Fix me.

They gave me inhaler and instructions to take Claritin for the next few months.

I guess it isn't so urgent after all.  So lots of cold medicine.  Otherwise I'm going to have a crazy-moment because I am exhausted from weeks of wanting to feel better.  I'm snappy and irritable.  And if it takes cold medicine to be nice to my family, I'm taking the medicine.  For weeks, I guess :)

Oh well, at least I have some answers.  At least it isn't months.  Maybe.  Maybe the solution will be a months-long wait.

I remember this from when I had appointments with the hand therapist and podiatrist.  Weeks I waited.  While the symptoms kept aggravating . . .

Deep breathing.

I have a teacher-training tomorrow.  Maybe it won't last all day.  I have to get Anika and Ian to school and daycare and myself to the training by 8:30.  Yikes.  That's the hard part about asking for help, like I should have organized a ride for Anika.  Asking for help takes effort, energy.  And I'm day-to-day right now, not really looking over the horizon.  I'll try to be better :)

I do have a fun project that's keeping me amused.  I'm knitting fingerless gloves.  Sounds like an oxymoron, but they are like legwarmers for your arms, with a thumb.  I can see them being really handy for typing when the cold weather hits.  And they're trendy right now.  Seriously.  You'll be seeing them everywhere.  Like silly-bands :).I have to knit in small doses, though, because my fingers go numb, and stay numb for days if I'm not careful.  I still enjoy the creating, and I'm glad that I can make them at all.  Grateful for the little things :)

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