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Garden Bounty

carrot Amazing goodies from the garden today.  Peter Rabbit would love this carrot!  Anika was worried that she would never get to pull up a carrot in her whole entire life because Ian and Giovanni had harvested a couple while she was at gymnastics.  Never fear, Anika.  The biggest carrot is yours!  And, yes, it tastes delicious, after we go wash it off.  Ian was worried when I hung back to take a photo.  He turned, "Mom, Mom!"



So we all washed the carrot and the kids showed off their prize.

Kids Carrot

Autumn is a beautiful season!  I've never grown carrots before.  Or pumpkins.


This one is growing huge!  I hope it turns orange for Halloween.  Ian is very proud of the pumpkin :)

Ian Pumpkin

Good times in the garden :)

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