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On Tuesday, my class and Ian's class visited a local pumpkin farm. They had a stunning collection of different pumpkins. I don't remember this from my childhood. No wonder Cinderella used a pumpkin for a coach. These are lovely!

I used my regular boots since it has poured the day before and the ground was muddy (not a good idea with a walking boot that can't be washed). I used one crutch to help with balance. I often talk about the resilience of children in our lives, and how they accept our disability tools (and even like them! Great playthings :)).  Ian had no problem holding my pinky finger or even the crutch as a way to connect with his mama.

I am so lucky this year because I get to be my niece's teacher! This is Mila with my younger brother, Paul. It was awesome-fun to have my family along on a school trip! It started raining again here- big cold drops. But we didn't let that spoil the day. Instead, what a perfect chance to use a lavender horsey umbrella!

Ian from my height. Using the camera was a challenge with the crutch and the mud and a young child holding my hand at every opportunity. But it's all part of the adventure :)

I did hold Ian's hand whenever we stopped to listen about the farm animals. I bundled up because of the cold (it wasn't enough bundling, but I'll talk about that at the end of the post). I like this photo for showing our different heights.  It's not a perfect shot, but I was happy with it given the challenges of crutch and mud :)

The farm with the storm overhead. The farm is a lovely local spot nestled in the foothills. The trees and fields were delighted the the rains the day before. Leaves were so bright-green!

The orchards were freshly washed of summer dust.

Ian found a sweet little pumpkin just his size.

We saw his class at the end of our tour and I met his friends. He is becoming such a little boy! Fun to see him make friends at my school. The beginning of his journey :)

At last, the class pumpkins, all glossy from the rain. The kids ran in their muddy boots and brought great memories back to school along with their pumpkins. A fun, adventurous day. I was so proud of how they embraced the rain and damp (most of the time). Life is about wrapping challenges into adventures and finding laughter along the way. Well done :)

The complete gallery if you want to see how many photos it took before I got a smile with Ian's pumpkin :)

Notes: The day was fun, but cold. It seeped into my bones. I went home exhausted. The effort was worth it (sort of) but it also showed me how cold just saps all warmth and energy from me. I did good bundling with hat and gloves and coat, but I need to dig out all the other winter-goodies like scarves. I also want to make little hand-warmers to keep in my pockets (warm them up before leaving the house). I get frustrated when I feel so delicate, but what can I do? Bundle up and make sure I don't schedule anything else that day.

Also, as far as we know, I am the only person in our family with CMT. Despite the hereditary nature of CMT, I seem to be that lucky "spontaneous mutation" that appears now and again. My brother and niece are not affected except by how they help me :).

Happy weekend before Halloween! We get to go to a costume party for my niece's birthday! Hurrah! Sending you wishes for spooky fun!

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