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Halloween Treats

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween if you celebrate the day and night! We had two stories of Halloween. This is the children's story in photos. Ian was a serious Batman this year.

The night before, Anika painted her nails for her devil costume and I painted mine for fun. Ian didn't want to be left out of the excitement! So he had fancy red nails, too.

Perhaps Batman technology? New laser-nail weapons? Sounds good to me! I'm not a person that limits their choices with things like nail polish. My philosophy is- if it's fun, and no one gets hurt, enjoy!

The day was pleasantly gloomy with an approaching storm. I helped out in Ian's class. He was thrilled to have Mama helping. And I saw his serious side at school.

Leaves fell on chilly winds.

We decorated cookies.

Anika was a beautiful devil. Her hair was perfect.

She loved her costume, which I love to see.

Ian made this at school. Cute!

Anika and I carved a pumpkin. Happy fellow!

And trick or treating! Ian wore camo-jammies so Batman could hide. Good thinking!

School night and I teach tomorrow so I have to wrap up now. I have another story, though. My story. What I want to remember is these photos though.

Ian is pressing random keys on my keyboard so I better get out of here before he deletes the post! Happy Halloween!

Halloween Tricks

Pumpkin Farm in the Rain