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Rain falls and rain falls.  Rainy day recess.  Kids indoors for too many days.  So a busy day at school.  We painted watercolor stormy skies.  We brought out the mats so kiddos could build forts.  It was scatter-wild-energy for twenty minutes before they calmed into focused play.  Music was canceled at the last minute.  A bit of scrambling for me. All in a day's teaching.  Then report cards and social, behavior, communication assessments after school.

Tired tonight.

Anika and Ian are playing so wonderful together. They chase and tumble and he babbles at her and she babbles right back.  She is grateful for him.  I am so glad that I have a little brother.

And I am so glad right along with her.

Remember how I used to want playdates all of the time?  How I was bored?  Now I have Ian and I have fun every day!

Yay.  Ian is many dreams come true. Just like his sister.

Cold Data Day 2

Cold Data