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Rain and Rocky and River Puppy-Play

Anika made homes for the Zhu Zhus today.  She forgave them for tearing her hair out yesterday.  She set them up with this cube digital picture frame as a television.  Pretty cute.  She gets so creative.

Ian talked and talked today.  Up and Go and Ball.  I found a bubble app for my phone and as he popped them with one finger, he exclaimed, bubble, bubble.  Pretty exciting.

He is eighteen months old today!  I can hardly believe it.  He's at that peak of developmental attention-shifting, massive energy with super-short attention span.  We're in for an interesting next couple of months.

Thank goodness for Anika.  We're puppies, she said.  One day old puppies with floppy ears and you just got us today and my name is River and Ian's name is Rocky. She's brilliant.  Rocky and River got toys that they carried in their mouths and I had to toss for them to fetch.  They scrambled up and down the hall about thirty-seven times.

Off to work on the boy pixie.  I'll leave a picture of the raindrop jewels in the birch trees.

Living with CMT Day 33

Ian Words