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39.7° A drag-down sort of day.  Dragged out of bed and through the morning and managed a nap in the afternoon.  That helped a bit.  Migraine headache when I woke up that faded slowly.  The sort of day that brought irritability and frustration along with sharp pain in my feet.  By the end of the day, every step sent needles up through my bones.  Not fun.

Hopefully tomorrow will feel better.

We are setting up for a weekly, or maybe biweekly, podcast around disability topics.  I have some ambivalence, because even with my big talk, and my brave moments, I get this shy run-away feeling.  The need to hide, to smooth over, to be normal.  To say the stories for the disability community are small and best told by others.

But then I think about kids, and parents, and the whole grief of disability, the fear of labels.  And the voice of change must start somewhere.  It might as well start with me :)

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