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Parting Thoughts for CMT Awareness Week

One last idea as I read lots of CMT stories this week.  My expereince with CMT changes dramatically depending on my life.  After a day like today (see A Usual Monday), CMT is overwhelming.  On days when I can make choices around my challenges, the CMT is very manageable.  If I were not working, did not have young children at home, and could pace my day consciously, I would have very different symptoms with CMT. I know this because I see the differences between the school year and summer-time.  When the kids are independent or needy.  I feel very different.  Stress.  Schedules.  These things make everything more difficult.

Then again, we cannot put life on hold to cater to our potential challenges.  Like Michele said, "If I want to dance, I'll dance.  I'll deal with the consequences tomorrow."

I love teaching.  I love my kids.  I wouldn't trade them for a thousand good days.

So it's all about balance.  And supporting one another when life gets busy.  Remembering the whole.  Instead of living in one corner of our lives.  Be everything :)

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