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A Usual Monday

One of my original Master Plans for this blog was to capture life today.  Not the big moments, but the little, everyday, lost moments.  What is our life like today.  Today was both typical and hectic.  A good reminder why I get so tired :) I have a routine physical next Monday.  I want to stay on top of regular health stuff, too :).  So I need blood-work.  Never fun.  And this blood-work required fasting.  In our family, fasting means fainting.  We are the women of those romantic stories that collapsed for no good reason.  We faint.  Especially when we don't eat.  My most dramatic moment was fainting in line for a rollar coaster, but that's another story.

This story, I had to pack up the kids and get the blood-work done before Anika would be late for school and/or I fainted.  Sure enough, got all light-headed.  I brought a snack and ate it quick.  We made it to school only five minutes late.  We would have been on time except for lots of people wanting blood taken first thing in the morning.  I couldn't take her to school first because of the fainting thing.  Somehow we managed it all.

I did have a few hours at home where I worked on the laundry-mountain and cleaned the kitchen. Made pesto with basil from our herb garden but it wasn't right, something weird happened- burned garlic, I don't know, but I tossed it and started over.  The second version was better.  I kept hoping Ian would sleep so I could relax.  Didn't happen.

He didn't sleep until I put him in the car and we drove out to the farm-share.  We're getting weekly produce from a local farm, which is very cool.  But it's a good walk from the parking to the barn.  Ian was conked-asleep and it was hot, so I hurried.  The farm is about twenty minutes of driving each way, so forty minutes there.

Then to Anika's school, about fifteen minutes of driving each way, thirty minutes there.  The Harvest Festival paintings by my students needed to be picked up, so I drove out to the fairgrounds.  That building was another good walk from the parking lot.  Luckily both kids slept through that errand.

And it was hot, really hot today.  95 degrees hot.  Not fun to be errand-running.  So I earned a Starbucks frappuccino.  Really, I needed caffeine.  I could barely keep my eyes open by this time of day.

Did I mention that the entire day I was congested and headachy?  The cold is taking awhile to vacate.

So we go back home to grab a quick dinner-snack and Anika and I get back into the car for gymnastics.  At gymnastics, at least, I get to read my book for twenty minutes.  Aahh, downtime on a metal folding chair :)

Then the monthly 4H meeting, which Anika is joining this year. Her first meeting so it's all new to us.  Looks like a great group of kids and families.  Though they had projects in need of volunteers . . . no, no, no, I kept telling myself.  I think I only signed up for one thing.

We got home after 7pm.  Quick shower and homework for Anika, put Ian to bed, and now here I am . . .

A typical day :)

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