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Locked in a Haunted Backyard

Locked in a Haunted Backyard


Lenkaland Photography "We're bored," the kids said.

I suggested they go in the backyard and film a documentary about discovering haunted relics. "Find your abandoned toys in the hedges," I said.

And they became Locked in a Haunted Backyard.

Locked in a Haunted Backyard Part 1

I put the video clips together and added sound effects on iMovie. The first episode had a screening party in our living room. They loved when Mila was shaking from a Ghost Taser. And when Anika said, "pretend the ghost killed me," near the end, and a sound effect zaps. Much laughter inspired episode two. They decided to avoid saying "let's pretend," and "how about?"

Episode two actually spooked the younger girls while they were filming. One said, "I'm a little bit scared of your backyard now!"

Episode Two also needed Bloopers at the end.

Locked in a Haunted Backyard Part Two

After this screening, they decided running and screaming doesn't always carry a story.

I love for them to learn through doing. I avoid giving them directions. I suggest... like, try not to correct each other while on camera, and don't overthink, just have fun.

And friends visited! Friends were quickly cast as new ghosts in the backyard.

Locked in a Haunted Backyard Part Three

We're deciding how to create a Story So Far into. Though the story is we're trapped, we're chased, we're possessed, we're fine, we're still trapped. :)

They asked if we can find or create props. They're inspired. Which is fun to watch. Wonder where the haunted backyard will take them next!

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