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I forgot the last day of September.  I woke up on October first thinking, how did I manage that?   I know how.  Friday was wild-busy.  I was at school until 5:30pm.  The shin splints fussed all day long, making me snippy.  I was tired and wired all at the same time.  I got myself sitting down with ice on my legs and forgot about a lot of things.

Saturday was my crash with an all-day headache.  I didn't worry about the breathing thing because that headache didn't go away after a few hours.  No, that headache settled in for a long stay.  Today was still a recovery day.  I have got to figure out how to pace myself through the week.  Got to.

The shin splints have thankfully faded.  They lurk- I can feel them slightly, especially if I go to a store, but they're mostly quiet again.  Nothing like adding more pain to make you grateful for the old pain levels :)

Anyway, I went back to my long counting.  Day 1 was the day I was born.  I have never known life without CMT.  I wasn't diagnosed, but I took longer than my peers to sit up, crawl, and walk.  So, over 14,000 days of this story.  Being different.

Quite an adventure :)

I did make witches this week!  I took them to our local store, Make Local Habit.

I've also posted a custom witch on our etsy shop.  I will only be making one or two more for the season.

And I finished my zombie.  I love her.  Pictures tomorrow.  She's all ragged and imperfect.  Like me :)

My Zombie

Day 29