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Teaching day with a community picnic in  the evening.  Meaning I left school at 5:00pm, swung by the house for a cereal-dinner.  Got Ian ready to go, then back to the park/picnic until 7:30pm.  I brought my folding chair, which helped a lot.  Still.  A lot for one day. Thursdays are usually my "too tired" posts.

Same today.

Except, new challenge.  Shin splints.  Pain along my shin bones with each step.  My quick Wikipedia research says they are mostly found in runners or other athletes that put pressure on the muscles along the shin bones.  Also known as Tibial Stress Syndrome.

See, I am an athlete :)

At least, my muscles think so :)

The treatment: rest (surprise surprise) and anti-inflammatory medicine.  Too bad I already took my Aleve a few hours ago.  And ice.  But that doesn't sound fun.  Too cold :)

Off to manage bedtime with the kids, then get myself to bed so I can be (partly) rested for school tomorrow.  Better go get my coffee set to brew :)

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