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41.2° I did pretty well until 1:30, when the Tired hit big time.  Octopus embrace tugging me deep down towards quiet.  Impossible to untangle or walk away from . . .  I might have gotten a nap except our fridge conked out and the repairman was here most of the afternoon fixing it. And I'm glad.  I won't take a working fridge for granted ever again.

Today was something of a crash.  I am so grateful to have Monday this week to have gathered my energy.  I have ideas for school tomorrow.  Pacing is so important.

Oh, and I made blankets for the charity.  Now we'll see if they follow through with our Disney tickets.  I want to report on Disneyland again.  And so many other thing in Southern California.  What accessibility adventures can I share?  Where would like to see me go?

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