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Clean and Sew and Fix Freezers

Ian worked hard today.  He hung out with Grandma while I volunteered in Anika's classroom.  He napped a short while when I got home, which was good because the rest of the day was work work work. :)

First he swept in his gDiaper and slippers.  Then he helped me sew blankets for a local charity, The Binky Patrol, which gives blankets to kids in need of comfort.  He was a great organizer of thread :) In the afternoon, we dealt with the refrigerator, which has been slowly warming over the past month.  We finally called for help.  Ian was fascinated by the tools.  By the taken-apart freezer.  By the electric drill.

A busy busy day.  He'll show off the blanket we made for the Binky Patrol :)

Living with CMT, Day 13,756

Living with CMT, Day 13,755