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Living with CMT, Day 13,741

41.7° Wait, how did we get from 37 to 13,741?

As I wrote a few weeks ago, it should be a lifetime :)

I've been keeping a log for 39 days now.  I've lived with CMT for 13,741 days.  So I thought I'd bring my former days into the narrative as well :).  Today felt threaded way back, and that can be part of the challenge, because the sense of a never-ending journey can become overwhelming.  The long hours this month and the cold weather are testing my limits. The vice-feeling in my arches is cranking up.  And I got distracted by chore after chore today.  Not much downtime.  Which is what I need most.

Exciting news at the same time.  I talked to someone at Apple today about opportunities for tech and accessibility.  I starting thinking of all these ideas for apps that would help people with mobility challenges.  How fun if they could be developed.  I sure could use them :)

I did a search for "disability" on my phone's market.  2 apps.  One for heart health and one for vision assistance.  Lots of room for growth in that market :)

There are apps that are not specific but have a lot of potential for helping everyday life.  We're going talk about them on the podcast Sunday.  Good stuff.

Distracts me from the drop-down fatigue and numerous aches and tweaks.  Hopefully I can rest this weekend.  A little at least :)

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