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Blur of Days

A day like many days.  Anika at school.  Ian and I playing at home.  She had a playdate. We were going to the park but it poured rain so they built forts in the living room instead.  I watched the ice skating finals.  Did load after load of laundry.  Felt like I picked up toys and cleaned constantly, yet toys are scattered through every room in the house. Working on finishing the pixies for NCSA's Matter of Taste.

I did play with Ian and Anika today.  Ian loves for me to sing round and round the garden, goes the teddy bear, one step, two step, tickle you there. He built towers and matched puzzle pieces and found a sword to tsk, tsk, tsk sword-fight around the house.  Anika read me elaborate stories.  She was the teacher and I was the student.

I have so much to learn :)

The Language of Disability

Living with CMT, Day 13,741