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Ian at the Park

No school this week for fall break. And the weather is sunny and gorgeous. So Ian and I packed up a picnic and went to the park. Anika is having a special outing with her grandpa today. I told Ian he could make the decisions today. He had Mama all to himself. And he was pleased with that idea.He is in that fun phase where he says "watch me, watch me!" every two seconds. He is so big and yet so small all at once.

He taught me how to climb the ladder (which of course I couldn't/wouldn't try with my hurt ankle). Still, very cute to let him teach me.

First you put your hand here, Mommy. And once you learn that, then you go backwards!

My little trickster. I couldn't follow him around well (again, hurt ankle), but there is a rainbow-shaped ladder. I had an idea to lie underneath it. I'm not afraid of a little dirt. Ian thought this was incredibly entertaining. And I love this perspective of him climbing.

He snacked the entire time, thus the funny face here. But those eyelashes, oh, they get me every time!

My little spiderman.

Hi Ian!

I didn't keep the camera on him the entire adventure. I wanted to let him have me all to himself after all.  I still couldn't resist pulling it out for one last moment. We played with shadows- him grabbing my shadow and me grabbing at his shadow. Very Peter Pan :)

He collapsed in giggles. Which is the best way to spend an afternoon.

Together. Giggling. Playing. Together :)

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