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Holding Warmth

Holding Warmth

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer. Albert Camus

A few weeks ago, we saw rough glass candleholders in the AnimalSave Thrift and Treasures Shop. “They look like ice,” Anika said. Which immediately inspired us for a photoshoot. We would wait for snow, then use a candle in the candleholder to look like ice lit from within.

I remembered by black coat by Phoenix Rising Designs. The long black coat with white stitching would be a perfect accessory for our a winter magic-themed shoot.

We waited for snow. And waited. And waited. Then it snowed overnight. But we wanted falling snow. And I could add extra snowflakes, but actual snow has a distinctive look. So we waited again. Each flurry didn’t last long enough, or we remembered just after it all melted. Patience is a big part of our photoshoot process.

Then, the flakes drifted big and pretty over the fallen snow. The light dropped into twilight which would help the candle stand out more.

The challenge was her friends had just arrived to watch The Thing together. We had to get our images pronto. She wore sweatpants and a STAR Labs sweatshirt from the flash. Her hair was braided from sledding earlier that day. I positioned her in front of the snow-patterned rose bushes with hedges in the distance. We zipped up the coat and took about ten frames.

Along with a few playful images because we’re always playing :)

Then she rushed back inside to rejoin her friends.

I did add a little warmth to the candle in post processing because the candle was slightly weak for the effect we wanted.

My favorite thing is all the snow sprinkling her hair. And the warmth. Because I’m holding onto warmth these days myself. So the spirit of this photoshoot spoke to my heart.

Find your summer :)

Surprise Snow

Surprise Snow

Mermaid Dreaming

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