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We visited the San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park.  We saw gorillas and giraffes and rhinos, cheetahs and meerkats and vultures. Deda is getting all wound up over the National Parks show about Yosemite.  The comparisons to Europe not having such splendid wild places started the outrage.  He continues to object to such horrendous assumptions as John Muir could have been an inventor like Thomas Edison.  Well, Deda could have been Mozart if someone gave him a violin at six years old.  Who knew that National Parks would be so controversial?

Spending this time with the kids, watching them spend this time with each other, is an absolute joy.  They giggle before breaking off in mad dashes to it-doesn't-matter-where.  The girls love dancing so the boys follow after, spinning in reckless circles until they topple over in fits of laughing.  They point at the animals and roar.  They point at each other and roar.

Tomorrow is Alexandria's birthday party.  It's a hip hop dance party.  Can't wait.

I didn't investigate too many disability accessibility resources in the park.  I have used a wheelchair in the park before.  Today, I had saved-up energy and we took a lot of breaks with the little boys.  We sat and watched kids play.  Ample playgrounds so the boys could climb out of the strollers.

The park did have a nice system with the tram.  I asked the attendant and we had a separate wait-area with benches.  It was simple and very helpful.  My goal for managing my challenges for events like the Wild Animal Park is using my energy wisely.  I do not mind waiting one bit.  The switchback shuffle-lines, though, wear me out.  So thank you, Wild Animal Park, for a fun and supportive day!  Oh, and I found benches everywhere.  No problem sitting to rest while watching the kids.  There is also an elevator to get down (and up!) the big hill (most of it).  All those things helped a lot and made for an enjoyable day.

Back here, I went to the hot tub to soak my tired muscles.  And I hope to feel okay tomorrow.  We'll see.  I notice for certain that there are good days and not so good days.  I owe big time for today- I will be paying for it tomorrow. Downshift tomorrow.

I am especially grateful for the good days.  Wonderful life.

Dance Party!

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