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Dance Party!

That was the perfect birthday party.  Alexandria's hip hop celebration celebrated fun, dance, and childhood.  Their teacher, Cheyenne, was incredible.  I'll embed links to the videos soon.

This morning when Coltrane came downstairs, Ian lit up.  He jumped up and said something that Mom announced was Coltrane, so we all listened and sure enough in baby-music-voice, Coltrane.  His first real name for a friend.  Coltrane.

We're going to the zoo for a few hours today before coming home for the Charger's playoff game against the Jets.  Should be exciting.  The zoo has a baby panda, but I'm sure the line will be horrific.  We'll ask about accommodations.  I have no expectations.

Back to the party, though.  It was exactly Alexandria.  Pizza and dancing where she was the center-star and lots of kids.  I am so grateful that we are here to share it with her.  She's a special kid.  A special niece.  I'm a lucky auntie :)

San Diego Zoo

Going Wild