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A fun Friday.  Anika's class had their hundred's day celebration.  One parent brought in a great project: 100 Questions.  The questions ranged from Are there aliens with three heads? to How do we see? I thought it would be fascinating to do it every five years and see the questions evolve at say, 5, 10, 15 years old.  Even 30, 35 years old.  My questions have certainly changed over the years.  What a great creative idea!

Anika had a playdate so we went to the park after school.  The girls had a wonderful time and Ian watched them very serious.  He did his signature feet-first down the slide a few times.  We came home where the girls found Zhu Zhus and made houses and mused about What if they were alive with the wheels and gears?

A question :)

We talk a lot about keeping the Zhu Zhus away from hair, but Anika brought hers to me with a nasty tangle around one wheel.  I figured it was from some dusty corner or something but I did ask.  She didn't answer right away.  A few minutes later she said the Zhu Zhu got near her hair and it pulled out a hunk.  Poor baby!

Off to make pixies for the auction.  Step one, anyway. :)

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